Reset to 0 feet right before jumping

Firmware version: 3.7.2

Yesterday while at about 10.5k feet our plane was letting out a team. The Dekunu mistook the plane descending a tad and went into freefall mode. As the plane started climbing back up to get to 12.5k the alti went into canopy mode.

So far this has happened numerous times. It’s annoying, (considering this is supposed to be a “smart” altimeter), but functional, so whatever…just a different screen under freefall.

Then it apparently thought I landed and showed the “Just Landed” screen. After a few seconds it went to the regular home screen, as if I was on the ground. It then started tracking the planes ascent, except now it was starting from somewhere around 11k. So by the time I was ready to jump out the alti was reading about 1500 feet. So just a few seconds out the door and it was reading 0 feet the rest of the way down.

I have the latest firmware and thought these sorts of issues had been resolved already.

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@Nailhead This is highly unusual, as you said this should not be happening with the latest fw. I will have this looked into for you ASAP.

I had the same issue at Perris. They were doing a 10.5 pass and we had to wait a bit and it went into tracking mode. I think I saw us at 10.7 for a bit then went down as the plane throttled down a bit. The next jump also had teams doing a 10.5 pass and I watched but the plane held pretty steady within 100 feet.

For some reason, the jumps are not uploading for you to see either :frowning:

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Any updates on this? Was someone supposed to reach out to me? Is this a known issue, and if so when will an update be released? Perhaps you can send me the previous firmware version because this seems to be an issue with the latest release. I never had any reboots on the previous versions, but 3 jumps into the new and I get a reboot so I really don’t trust the latest version.

I also can’t sync any jumps either. This seems to have been an issue since day 1 where sometimes they sync, sometimes they don’t. Have you guys checked your server’s performance? The logs really aren’t that large of files, but I’m wondering if your servers are not able to handle the incoming sync requests.

I’m going to add here as well. Last Saturday, first load we did a HnP pass. There was traffic so we circled around. The alti went into Tracking mode, then reset to the home screen after we started climbing again. It flipped back to alit mode but with a 6k foot offset.

I’d reference the two jump files, but of course they aren’t uploading. I hate to say it, but I’m out until a FW update addresses these things. I can deal with the lack of GPS lock, even under canopy. But I can’t use this as a primary alti until I know it’s safe to jump.

Hey guys, could you post / add your FW versions so it’s possible to compare with the version I have installed?
And if I read this in three month, I bet the latest version mentioned in the post isn’t the latest version anymore. Adding the FW version should be a requirement in this section. Just sayin’.

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Afaik the fail safe reboot was implemented in the latest fw.
So it should be 3.72 in evry reboot case.

Hey guys, sorry for the delayed response, I am still taking details from anyone experiencing this issue, there are a few of you which, believe it or not, is good news, it means there is a bug and therefore can be fixed with a fw update. I have recently had an update from developers working on this and have been assured a solution has been found and is in testing, we would like to get as many test jumps as possible on the firmware before rolling it out.
@Nailhead I will respond to your email, check your inbox in 5mins.
@Bamwich and anyone else having an issue with logs not syncing, send an email to with a copy of your jump log folder (will need to be compressed to email) and I will look into it for you

Emailed. The firmware is 3.7.2

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I don’t want to be invasive, but do you do canary testing? It’s the practice or release a new release to a restricted number of customers (not testers)

Just a point of clarification, the alti never rebooted. It simply acted as if it thought it had landed, then started a new jump log zeroed out at about 11k feet. I think the fail safe reboot some have witnessed is different than what I experienced.

I’m also having problems syncing when at home. The irony is it syncs just fine on the shitty DZ wifi, but on my home 150/20mb connection it has Issues. I think it might be related to what Katrina mentioned in another thread with sync issues if it doesn’t have the DZ set, or thinks it’s somewhere else. I don’t know how to fix it though because I keep setting it at Perris DZ but won’t sync at home, (I live about 40min from Perris).

Can everyone having syncing issues please check the ESP FW on their devices?
You can do this by going to ‘menu’ then ‘diagnostics’ and 'fw’
You should have - ESP FW v4.0.1
Let me know if this is not the case :ok_hand:

My ESP is 4.0.1

And for some reason the forums requires 20 characters so here are some random emojis :taco: :tophat: :racing_car: :zzz:


I have also had this issue with wrong altitude after HnP and going back to flight mode after the unit thought it was skydiving mode. Have 4.0.1

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I have fed this back to the developers, thanks @Floyd


I faced exactly the same problem on the last week. I have to say that it was very annoying and unsafe when smart alti dosen’t work as a altimeter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Firmware: v3.7.2

I was also wondering what’s going on with the update as well. In the email from my support ticket I was told this issue was already identified and they were just testing the update. That was almost 3 weeks ago on July 14th.

Critical failures really need to be given a much higher priority than minor bug fixes. With as many bugs as there are I’m surprised with how few updates are coming. So many basic functionalities just do not work that I’m not sure they ever will.

I’m still hopeful, but 6 months in and these things are still a far cry from being production ready. I keep telling people on the DZ to wait a few months before buying one, but honestly I doubt much will change in 3 months.

@Nailhead Testing is still underway but almost complete, as you can imagine it is a long tedious process but best to have the fw fully tested before rolling it out for public consumption. I assure you this has been the priority for the past few weeks, I realise its frustrating for you guys to be waiting for the update, the crew is working hard to get this firmware to you, don’t lose hope :grin:


There are many things that go on in a software development (planning, development, integration, qa, testing, …) and several weeks can pass easily.
And I guess testing of an alti takes some more time given how critical it is!