Reset button not working

How do I reset the unit? Is it a button or do I need a pin

Hi @T1jettero you will need something like a paperclip, a pen will work if you don’t have one to hand.

I wouldn’t recommend using a pin or needle as it can puncture the rubber and possibly damage something. I found that an unbent staple works very well.

@Tracy Unfortunately, I also noticed that I don’t need anything at all because if I press on the case around the reset button slightly harder than you would press the power button the device resets. Strangely, I also had it reset a couple times when pressing the power button. Possibly related, there is a noticeable gap between the halves of the case on the Dekunu logo end where the case doesn’t seem to click all the way together.

@lamealex4 I will send you an email to discuss this, standby.

I us3 the sim ejection tool of my iPhone… works excellent…

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I just tried to reset my device after manually updating the fw (fw Update cancelled by device evry time via Autoupdate).
Now my device hung up but im unable to reset it…
I pressed the reset Button with a unbend staple but that doesnt work.
Actually im not even feeling some click or smth, i dont wanna push to hard and push the staple through the Button.

Any recommendations?

Problem solved due to lack of battery :joy:
The device ran out of power and is back alive now… Hope i dont need the reset Button in near future now that the battery lifetime Haß been improved.
Waiting till shutdown isnt always an option.

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I will answer the email you sent through @tripp9r
I am just checking with the tech guys to see what they have to say