Replacement battery

Heyy has anyone replaced the battery? If so where did you find one
Sent emails weeks ago with no response


It takes awhile for a reply these days. Hold tight and rest assured they will eventually get back to you.

What country are you located in?

I tried to look around for a new battery but I couldn’t find anything of the same size and same capacity.

The battery starts to be a big problem for me

For anyone with power related concerns there is a quick-fix resolution that may help, check it out here

The battery for the One is manufactured to specs so it is unlikely there are any suitable replacements in the general marketplace. There is still support available so if after trying the troubleshooting tip above you still have an issue please email and provide as much info as possible :slight_smile:

My battery is definitely old and doesn’t keep the charge more than a day…
It would be great if you guys could suggest the best general market replacement. I found some models myself but they’re all smaller capacity than the dekunu one and would require some form of padding to be kept in place