Recalibrate when starting and wont load profile

Over the last few weeks, I get prompted to recalibrate when I turn my alti on. There have been a few times when it will fail to recalibrate 3 or 4 times in a row but usually it starts up and then fails to load my profile. Most of the time a restart will resolve the issue but there have been times when I have to restart multiple times to get it to load properly.

Here are the screens I see after I recalibrate:

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@Joe Are you still having issues with this? Let me know if so and I will email you some instructions to replace the configuration files on your device.

Yes, please send me the instructions

@Tracy I just wanted to check in on the fix for this.Can you please send me the instructions?

@Joe Emailing you now, give me 5 mins :slight_smile:

@Joe OK that took slightly longer than 5 mins to get to you :rofl: Check your inbox now, nice long instructions for you to follow, just reply to the email if you need any help :ok_hand: