Profile Data - where to input repacks, canopy, prior jumps, etc?

I was trying to verify profile information and noticed some blank info that didn’t look familiar. The device appears to have the ability to store the primary canopy in use and track reserve repack dates, but there is not a location in the cloud profile to input this information. Am I overlooking something, or are these features not coded into the profile page? Thanks.

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Hey clcaruthers,

These features haven’t been added yet, I’d say we probably didn’t get around to adding that to the portal or removing the fields from the device. Either way, the plan is to make them functional at some point in the future. Keeping in mind that bugs take priority, as I’m sure you guessed.

Thanks for the feedback,


Would love to see this active soon.

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Yes please. It’s confusing have two jump numbers for the same jump. E.g Dekunu cloud will show jump 5 but my other alti and logbook both my actual jump number bring 1576

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Its coming soon, high on the priority development list :slight_smile: