Power issues

A little late on getting to post this but I have been having issues with powering the unit on and off.

One Day I finished jumping and hit the power off button, it held on the powering off screen till the battery was drained.

That happened twice but no longer happens since I power the unit off from the screen not the button.

Second, I get to the DZ go to power up the unit and I get nothing.
The only way I can get the unit to power on is to connect it to a charger for 2-3 mins and then I’m able to turn it on. (almost like a jump start) When the unit powers on it shows it has plenty of power.

A few of us at the DZ have the Dekunu, in the last few weeks we have all had some type of issues/issues.
From the power issue to and getting stuck on the Alti screen showing it going up and down while we are are already on the ground.

Any ideas on to what could be going on?

Hey @FloridaDj Could you please update the firmware on your device and let me know if the problem persists?
Info on how to update here

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Tracy,

After updating the firmware it worked great for 2-3 days.

I went to jump the other day and I was unable to turn the unit on (full battery)
The only way I’m able to turn it on, is if I plug it into a power source for 2-3 mins.
Then the button will respond and power on the unit. (works normal after that)

End of day I go to power down the unit, it hangs up on the “powering down” screen until it runs out of battery I’m guessing. (same screen for over 45 mins)

Not sure if I have a bad unit ?

Hi @FloridaDj thanks for posting, if you have not already sent an email to support@dekunu.tech could you do so please? If you could send through a copy of your device system logs before emailing that would be super helpful. We can investigate this and find a solution for you.
To send your system logs go to Menu > Diagnostics > Syslogs > Upload
be sure to only tap the upload button once and wait, if you tap more than once the logs will sync to the server multiple times.
Thanks :slight_smile: