Post landing - incorrect DZ shown

Not a major issue, but clearly some data is being pulled when it shouldn’t be.

Skydive Byron Bay is shown after landing instead of my set DZ. I’m not sure if this is the same for all devices, or just a couple of isolated incidents.

Also, I’m assuming they are not yet active - it neither review or find DZ appear to work on my device (shortly after landing, this special screen pops up, the only option is to press home)

Hi @SkydiveNow
Correct - review and find DZ are on the Roadmap
When you say Skydive Byron Bay showed on your device, is that logged? If so could you mark it for review?
I will feed it back

Mine sad also Skydive Byron Bay yesterday after landing.

I had SD byron bay all day today as well. after landing clicking the button on the right, something about find dz, then it pops up.

Likewise. . Since the firmware update my alti says Skydive Byron Bay after landing but the cloud still registers my jumps as at Nzone. .

Thanks guys, this bug has been lodged and will be resolved in the next firmware release. oops :man_shrugging: