Using latest Firmware;
Bootloader 3.0.1
Main 3.3.2
ESP 4.0.1

Can’t forget wireless network
Screen flashes a couple of times, but wireless network (which is still active and connected to can’t be dropped) either will not drop or instantly reconnects.
EDIT: I’m now able to disconnect from a hotspot with an iPhone. I suspect that the problem was because the device was attempting to upload a log and had got stuck doing so.

Post update - Logging functions have display issues.
LOG BOOK -> Page 1/4 empty. The second page shows some jumps but the pages
Main display shows the device is back on jump #1

The device wouldn’t sync logs to the cloud over the space of 2 hours.
The only way I could work around this was to turn the device off, turn it on, wait until one more jump had been uploaded and then repeat until the device was fully synced

More unrelated DZ are popping up in the “Change Dropzone” options - none of which are in my cloud profile or even in the same country - some of the DZ in the same country ARE there - but I never added them.

Unrelated to the firmware update;
I can’t charge the device with the supplied cable when using the silicone bumper.
I’ve had to take the bumper off at least once a day to take the device out of the red (battery) and have pulled the rubber cover (for the power button) out several times - sooner or later it’s going to get lost. :frowning:

Cloud data isn’t showing a lot of data correctly - or device is not saving data correctly.
Deployment height of canopy - clearly wrong on a lot of the most recent jumps.
See image here

I’ve not noticed this issue before - however haven’t specifically checked either.
Unsure if it’s a corruption or change in the way data is uploaded \ interpreted or just general bug - but I can assure you, I’ve not been doing 9, 11 and 15k hop ‘n’ pops all day. :slight_smile:


Also using latest Firmware;
Bootloader 3.0.1
Main 3.3.2
ESP 4.0.1

I’m also experiencing issues 2, 3, 4 & 5 as reported here.

Additionally I see ISSUE 6:

Updates to my profile in the Dekunu cloud are not synced back the the device e.g. I added blood type to the emergency info section on the cloud portal

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Hi guys, thanks for the bug reports. We are aware of a lot of the issues. Each software rollout does not fix everything but are incremental updates and fixes. Please update to v3.3.4 for additional stability

I’m on a skydive while in my living room. Has been on free fall mode for over hour and half

Is it possible to exit plane mode in the car?

this was a wingsuit jump that i deployed at around 4k. Unit says i deployed 100 ft after exiting. Inconsistant readings when comparing heading and ground speed when comparing to plane instrumentation. Also temperatures are way off

Hey @Hollywood & @corbinhand - the plane takeoff recognition formula is a bit too sensitive. I’m working on alternate calculations at the moment. For now, just press the reset button to reboot the device.


I had tha same problem. I just did 3 jumps and exited one of the last, every jump alti went freefall mode in the plane already on the jump run.

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Yeah, temperatures are 20 degrees high for me too.

The temp sensor will be buried inside the device, and the device also generates heat. Most notably the screen.
It’s probably to be expected that the temp readings will be slow to adjust to the outside environment and higher than they actually are.

Suggestion for the developers is to intergrate a heat conducting element into a small area of the device.
Something like a small metal lug that is exposed (but flush) to the outside airflow which in turn the heat sensor is attached or reads from.


Hey guys, the temperature sensors are not there to show ambient temperatures but rather for diagnostic purposes. We will most likely remove the visibility of temperature data to avoid confusion


probably for the best, it is not useful to the user anyway.


potential easy fix for this… Program the device so as not to allow it to enter plane mode while being charged.

My thought is: No one charges on the way to altitude; everyone charges on the way to the DZ.