Portal log data and jump number incorrect

Log data for jump,
https://dekunu.cloud:8081/action_details/54838 , is missing about the first 1,500-2k ft of the jump. There was a few hop & pops on that load and my alti did switch to free fall mode while they were getting out but it also switched back to plane mode.
Also, my alti shows the correct exit height for this jump but the home screen jump number didnt increment properly. If I go to configure my next jump number, it actually shows it correctly there.

I’ve noticed the jump numbers off sometimes as well. It happens when I restart the unit and its often off by the days previous jumps like in your case 2.

For your jump inconsistencies, I would just flag the jumps in question and provide the same info you gave here.

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Yeah, I already flagged the jump in the portal. I also flagged a previous jump with a similar situation but never heard anything about it. And if I remember correctly, that jump was missing like the first 8k ft of the jump.

One other thing to add that I forgot about, which I’m guessing is because of the missing data points in the portal. The jump run is flipped about 160° from what the jump run actually was.