Popups need to be removed


Can we please, please get the option to remove the useless popups on the climb to altitude? They are becoming a safety hazard. Sometimes, if I have a fatty on a tandem, I can’t reach my other wrist easily and I need to be able to see the altitude we are at among other things. The popups are completely useless and serve zero purpose. Please give us the option to disable them. We’ve been asking for this for a year or two now and I don’t understand why they are forced on us.

PLEASE just release a firmware version with that disabled or selectable.

Alternately, if you guys don’t foresee starting up the business again (or ever) can you please open source your firmware so that we can fix the bugs and annoyances ourselves?



Hi Josh,

As you are aware, Dekunu is currently operating at a reduced capacity, development is on-hold until the business is fully operational. The request for a new feature enabling users to toggle on/off safety pop-ups is on the roadmap for future consideration.
There will not be a new firmware release while the business is in a holding pattern.

Fingers crossed the global supply chain shortages are resolved soon

I second Josh’s request… an option to disable is much desired. I find them annoying for similar reasons, as you can’t always easily reach your arm to tap the screen when you want to watch altitude.