Please help me love my Dekunu

Hi there - I’d be delighted if you could help me discover a love for my Dekunu please!

I don’t yet have enough confidence to use it as my sole altimeter - I’m not a fan of having to worry that the battery will run out when I need it most - and the cool features that persuaded me to buy it are still a work in progress.

I’m struggling to persuade myself to take off my Alti-2 N3 that I last charged a month ago, that is smaller and that has never failed me.

Please help!!



I had the concern of the battery too, but after the last FW update it was way better, I only used my viso the first weekend, also after a jumpingday with 10 jumps, I have plenty of battery life left.

I agree. The battery issue from my point of view is resolved. I am not worrying that I run out of battery anymore. However honestly spoken I still use my Visio as backup.
I guess I did not do enough jumps with the Dekunu yet. But I am confident to leave my Visio in the pocket very, very soon.

I’ve done over 60 jumps on it now, without using a backup alti from day one. As you say, the cool features are in the works, but its primary function hasn’t let me down. Even with the early battery issues, I never had any days where I got close to running out, even using it everyday for work with over 10 jumps in a day. Now, it’s barely a concern in the later firmware

Plus…the battery meter is pretty accurate, you’ll notice when it is getting low, it won’t just surprise you and shut off :smiley: I had more battery issues with my Viso…it would stay on 1 bar of battery and flashing for 7 or 8 months on end

Take the leap…


Actually I had it once, it run out of power at 10000ft on my 5th jump of the day.

But after the last FW update it is not an issue anymore and I am confident to jump without a viso since the first weekend of the last FW update.

I must say as freeflyer, I always have 1 or 2 audible dytters with me and the Quattro has also canopy alarms, so I have always a backup.


Hi @JSDavidson thanks for your honest feedback, I’m sending you an email to check in, start a conversation and ask a few questions - hoping we can help you discover that love for your Dekunu :slight_smile: