Plane Mode to Canopy Mode

So I just had an interesting experience with it, running in at 12K (I had an exit at 15K), the device switched straight into canopy mode, showing a height of 1,000 AGL. It stayed in this mode all the way to 15K, showing an altitude of 4K when we exited. The last altitude I saw in free fall (while still in canopy mode) was 600ft. After opening it reset itself to the correct height AGL but with a 180 offset in the compass heading. As soon it is uploaded to the cloud I will flag it, but just a heads up I guess, as it effectively made my alti redundant on that jump

I have uploaded and flagged it, all the information in the cloud seems accurate to the actual jump, aside from some pretty weird speed readings etc.

Hi @joedyson - we will investigate this immediately. I’m going to send you an email with some instructions for us to retrieve additional diagnostic information. Thanks for letting us know

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Hi! My One does something similar: during the climb the alti is correct and it’s in plane mode, when there’s some jumpers exiting from lower altitudes (thus opening the door) the One goes to freefall mode and stays like that till the deployment.

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@kaami26 This sounds like a slightly different issue, we are aware of the sensitivity when the plane powers down and loses altitude for jumpers to get out. This will be fixed in a firmware update very soon.

Any chance that firmware will be available in 12 hours? Not that I’m counting the clock for the weekend or anything :grin:

I wish I could help test during the week…but, work, responsibilities, meh…

Hey guys, unfortunately testing for v3.4.0 came up with a few bugs that need to be resolved before public consumption. We’re still working on it day and night. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have a stable version for everyone

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Thanks for working so hard on the fixes…these things just take time. Fix one bug and it creates 3 more… that’s why I never liked programming :thinking:

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