Plane Check Screen Stayed On

Interesting behaviour on my first jump since updating firmware…

Noticed after I had exited that my screen was telling me to check someone’s three ring :smiley: I thought these messages should time out after a while? More to the point, definitely should go after the unit detects exit???

Casually cleared it and carried on… :smiley: :laughing:

@Tracy - This is the action if the devs want to look into it

Hi @roundyuk this would be the result of exiting just as the message appeared and before the device has recognised freefall, assuming this was a hop n pop so most likely not much freefall, the message does disappear after 7-10 seconds on its own. We are creating the option to toggle off/on the messages in one of the next development sprints but if you are finding this to be an issue in the meantime you can put your device into Student Mode.
FYI to mark an action for review you can click on the 'Mark for Review" button in the Cloud, this will go directly to support and the development team, more info here