PIA Symposium 2019 🤓

The Dekunu team will be hitting up the PIA symposium in Dallas, Texas and we’d love to see some of your happy faces there.

It will be my FIRST (:beer::beer:) ever trip to the States, so i’m pretty excited! Walmart here I come!!

Come and meet the team, say hi, chill out on the lounge and talk nerdy with us…give @brent a hug (he loves hugs)

See ya’ll there :cowboy_hat_face:

p.s. currently accepting applications for a Walmart buddy - first to comment is the winner (provided they pay the application fee which is one bar of chocolate and a hug for Brent)


So… was Walmart all you expected and then some more?

Oooooh @yumanskiy it was amaaaaaaazing!! It was the first place I visited after checking into the hotel - in hindsight visiting Walmart at 3am was probably not the greatest idea i’ve ever had, there were a lot of questionable characters around at that time and I seemed to be attracting a lot of attention being an obvious tourist. I was banned from going there alone again by the rest of the team :woman_shrugging:
I have one regret, I found out too late that you can get a mobility scooter to cruise around in… next time :wink: