Paramotoring CRW ? I don't think so. Help changing?

My Dekunu is not so good at recording CRW jumps. For whatever reason, it never really understands that I leave the plane at 13,500’ - 14,000’ AGL and then open immediately. It’s basically just a Hop’n’Pop, but that seems to go unrecognized.

In an effort to try to get it to work better, I changed it to student mode for my last two CRW jumps. I thought it might help it realize to sense a Hop’n’Pop a little more easily. And it did! I don’t like the visuals in that mode, but at least my jump data gets caught.

The problem is that when I checked my Actions, those jumps are now reflecting as PARAMOTORING and I do not see a way for me to edit them to correctly reflect that they are SKYDIVING jumps.

How can I correct this? Thank you.