I think I remember seeing paragliding was going to be added as one of the disciplines ? Is this in the near future?


I’d appreciate an update on this too. I also paraglider and hang glide, so getting this enabled would be great.


Hey guys, apologies for the delay in getting back to you, Paragliding is on the development roadmap for sure, there are some more priorities currently being worked on at the moment with a BIG firmware update due for a release in the coming weeks and heaps of other features and functionality in development. No ETA at the moment but I am collecting names of people interested in testing and feeding back once work begins if you guys are interested :slight_smile:

Hi Tracy. Good to hear that the paragliding Mode is in Progress. I am going on a speedfly vacation next week. Would be awesome to be one of the persons to test that feature. Is it possible to get that feature until next week? I know next week is a little bit spontaneous. Just asking.

Greetings Peter

Hi @Pete, there is nothing solid available to test at the moment unfortunately, I will log your interest in potentially testing Paragliding functionality once we do have something concrete though, in the meantime any ideas for features etc, would be more than welcome :slight_smile:
Enjoy your trip!

Hi Tracy - also interested in testing the PG feature when its available.


Hi Tracy, would also be interested in testing the PG function.



Thanks guys, I have your names on the list, we will be in contact once we have something to test :slight_smile:

Привет, Трейси. Также заинтересован в тестировании функции PG, когда она будет доступна.
Очень хочу такую функцию!

Привет, Трейси. Также заинтересован в тестировании функций PG, когда она будет доступна.
Очень хочу такую ​​функцию!

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Thanks @juk I have added your details to the list :slight_smile:

Hi @Tracy.

I’m interested in the paragliding function as well (expanding my skydiving hobbies). Is this something available for testing?


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@Vule I will add your details to the potential beta tester list, at the moment there is no firmware available and to be super honest I don’t even have an ETA. It is in the pipeline but there are some other more pressing priorities being worked on before development can truly start.
I am definitely keen to hear from paragliders on what kind of features and functionality you would like to see in the Dekunu Paraglide Mode though so please feel free to drop any suggestions here in the meantime :slight_smile:

For me the main features would be:

  • Barometric altitude (obviously)
  • Vario - alt gain/loss per second, both visual and audio
  • Glide ratio averaged over custom interval
  • AGL from GPS
  • Navigation to custom waypoints (bearing/distance)
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Just to add you could find an open database of establshed take offs and landings at and also look at the XCTrack Android app for inspiration

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Heyyy Tracy I would be interested in testing it also :v:t4:

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I agree with above.

For the phase 1, current feature set between plane ride up, wingsuit and canopy flight already cover all the basis for the powered paragliding (PPG). So it would be a matter of just adjusting the logic of disabling free-fall mode and providing a good screen layout: Altimeter / Direction to LZ / Glide Ratio, etc.

Phase 2: (paragliding) would add vario with sound, etc.

my 2 cents.

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@Tracy, l am also interested in testing as soon as available. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

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