Over Kansas and Missouri Saturday

Missouri river below, Kansas on the left, Missouri on the right, and a nice view of the One.


Ahhh I’m excited to see it - but I can’t see the image! Think something weird happened with the upload - could you post it again? :slight_smile:

another I’m KC!? Let’s jump and test out having multiple on the same

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Hm, weird, let me try again.


Wonderful! Can see it now - are you happy for me to share this on our social media pages? :slight_smile:

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Sure, that’s cool.

Somehow I never saw this reply till now, apologies, and heck yeah, I’m down to jump any time, usually at Falcon in Waldron, where this pic is from. Sadly, it’s too cold this weekend and found out this afternoon they called it. I am leaving Monday for a week in California jumping from the Bay Area down to Perris and Elsinore then back for a boogie next weekend in Hollister. When I get back, weather permitting, let’s catch up at 14k! Dual Ones would be a great picture, and we tend to get some great sunset jumps that make for awesome pics. Not sure if we can PM on here, but if you call or go out there everyone knows me, I am Jason, and I think the only one with a Dekunu (at least last season), which has had a lot of interest around the DZ, so they’ll know who you’re talking about. Or tell em you’re looking for “Brick” - my nick name, Jason “Falls like a brick” earned in AFF, kept with pride :slight_smile:

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