Open Wifi network with no password


When there is an open Wifi network without a password the unit does not remember the network and reconnect to it after jumping. Can this be changed?


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@buzz_lightyear I will look into that for you, I know the wifi capabilities are being tweaked for the next update so possibly

When can we expect another update?

@Bruce Soon I hope! We can’t release the firmware until testing is complete and we are happy with the results

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Hi Tracy,

Any idea if this might work? I didn’t test it but when I saw the Wifi.json file I just add a new ssid SkyDiveSpain without any password.

Might be a workaround.

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Try this instead as the password shall have an empty (null) value.

“ssid”: “SkyDiveSpain”,
“password”: null,

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Ooh does adding our networks in like this force save a password? If so, I’m so keen. My passwords keep getting forgotten.


Hey guys, love that you are finding 'workarounds’
Just keep in mind that we don’t recommend altering the files on your device and in doing so may affect the operation.
@gemhodges If you can wait, this should be sorted in the next update, we are a few steps closer to release

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No worries will do :slightly_smiling_face:

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