Open source the code

As stated multiple times already by few of us, it will be good if you guys will open source the code, or at least give access to those asking for it. I bought in the second batch with the promise that I will be able to use it as a flysight, and now many years later I might need to spend few hundred bucks on a new device even if I have the hardware already in my hands.

Do the right thing please, we love you, we are sorry it went this way, but if now you show some kindness to us, when hopefully one day you’ll come back, we’ll be supporting you more then ever🤘


I’m 100% behind this. I don’t know how to help out with the struggles you’ve been having. I’ve been bragging about this alti and your company since I bought it. If I knew how to help with chip shortages and stuff to get you guys back into production, I would, but I would LOVE to check out the source code… see what we can work with to keep the community going and help those of us who did love and support your product.

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I’d be willing to sign a non-disclosure and work within the community of others willing to do the same… assuming one day you might get back into production.

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