November 2023 What is up with Dekunu?

I have not been in here in almost a year. Spent time catching up on posts. I DON’T see anything from the company about what the future holds. @Tracy can you provide us with something. Is the company back to making units. Does the company have a supply of spare parts? How does one get spare parts? What is the latest fireware version? When can we expect the next firmware update? I hope other will chime in on this and ask far more questions. More importantly I hope the company will respond to this topic and keep their loyal supports informed of what is up with Dekunu. Thanks


I would love to see Dekunu project move forward!
I lost all GPS connectivity, can anyone assist?

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Hey guys, nothing new to report at the moment. Manufacturing is still not possible due to a shortage of some parts/components. We are still here albeit somewhat scaled back, support is still available by emailing - this mailbox is monitored far more closely than the forum so if it is important, email!

Thanks to all of you guys that continue to support Dekunu, you all rock! As soon as there is any new information you will hear from us.

Epic Christmas and New Year wishes from the Dekunu Team x

Any chance that y’all are going to send out another firmware update for us current owners?

My guess is that they won’t because for that developers need to be paid and for that units to be manufatured and sold :confused:

I wish them my best, I really want to see Dekunu back on the field

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