Not logging jump when there is no GPS

Made a few jumps out of the skyvan and I noticed that if I sat under the wing I didn’t get a GPS signal. I didn’t think much of it until at the end of the day I noticed that there was no log for those particular jumps. The altimeter had worked fine during all of the jumps that day, but only logged ones when I had a GPS signal. Not sure if this is a known problem or just me. Loving this altimeter though! Made lots of friends at Perris last week when I showed up with a shiny new toy! :grin:

Yes, but it is just an alti. No other functions are working. Mine was working weel all the way to Cloud and now is just an alti. I am okay with that while they reprogram. However, it now does not record jumps.

@tharshman Have you updated your device to the new fw version at all? 3.5.2

I did that about a month ago. Just not doing much other than serving as an altimeter. 9 jumps still queued to be sync’d and only one out of the last 7 have logged. I am just experiencing what many others are. Hopefully an update soon. I am heading to the DZ now and will have more info later. It has held a full charge since last weekend being turned off. I just turned it on after a week and has full charge.

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