Not every log gets synced to the cloud

Hi all,

I jumped this weekend 15 times (not all of them with Dekunu because of battery issues). But the ones I did: every jump is uploaded to the cloud, except one jump of Saturday. The jumps before and after do get synced well.

I had this too, once the cloud was fixed and it eventually synced. 5 jumps made, 4 uploaded (well, 5 were uploaded but it was a spurious recording from the ground).

Hey guys, this will be rectified in the next fw update… coming very very soon! :slight_smile:

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I have I think 21 jumps on my One but I have 173 up loaded to the cloud. Saturday after 5 hours if being on and 4 jumps, I had 32% battery and died on the ride up of jump 5. So frustrated…

@stacy.holland hopefully the update will fix this, please let me know how you go