Not all Jumps synced to Cloud - Can I upload again?

Good morning,

one of my jumps from last week wasn’t synced with the cloud (114) Dekuno Log Info says it’s Synced. But in the cloud it’s clearly missing.

Is there any way to initialize synchronization again?


huhuu . I am still having this issues…

Yesterday - 2 out of 3 not online. But Dekunu says it’s synchroniced. ;-(

Problem solved - thx Tracy…

How did @Tracy resolve it? I think I might have the same problem. Logs on Dekunu have green tick but not showing up in actions or logbook on website. If I follow the cloud link from the device I can see the log entry but it says, “Unable to export action due incomplete or corrupt data” and " Incomplete or corrupt data for selected action"

Download your logbook… the first jumps in the list should be the missing ones. Note the jump id#.

Sent them to the support email and just give it some time. :wink:


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