No way to remove equipment

I have an equipment group… My Mirage group. I no longer have this rig. But it seems to be my “default” rig… so every time I jump, for the day I need to switch my rig type.

Why can’t I assign a default rig?

Why can’t I remove equipment I no longer have?

Why can’t I remove a group completely or at least hide it?

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You can set equipment to “not active” or something like that, which basically deletes the item; only way I found to stop it choosing my old rig group.

Would be nice for a default equipment group :ok_hand:

Good idea, I will get that added. FYI there will be changes made so that any inactive items are still saved in your profile so you can have access to reactivate in the future. Equipment is still a relatively new feature but there are heaps of dev plans for it in the next few sprints :slight_smile:

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