No listed drop zone

I’m jumping in Iceland now. There is no drop zone here, so I can’t select a DZ. This is a huge problem. I can’t set the time. I can’t set my LZ, which changes daily. There needs to be a way to set the time and your LZ location.

The X2 allows setting an arbitrary landing location. Why can’t I do that with the Dekunu, and how can I get this thing to set the right time and stop attaching my jumps to the wrong DZ.

@Josh You can recommend a DZ either in the Cloud or in the forum and it will be added right away, I have added a DZ in Iceland after doing some Googling so you can select it to correct the time on your device if you want to, although the time will not affect the altimeter function at all. If you would like to suggest a different DZ to the one I just added you will find instructions here

Thanks… but that doesn’t really address the issue. None of my jumps were at the FFF DZ in Iceland (Which no longer exists). There needs to be a way to specify jumps that are not at a DZ.

All of the jumps were basically into areas that have never been jumped before. We had to pitch out smoke to see where we might be able to actually land into the wind.

It really revealed a serious shortcoming with the alti in so far as it requires that you jump at a DZ. But what about people who do demo jumps or exploratory/pioneering jumps like we did in Iceland? Go ahead and look at my actions for last week and you can see the different places I jumped at.

@Josh all jumps take off from an airport, runway or helipad, these can be listed as “Dropzones” in the Cloud even if you don’t land there. Once they are listed you can add them to your Regular Dropzone list and then add a custom landing area in Profile & Settings > Dropzones in the Cloud. Instructions here

There is no way to add where we take off from. All there is is a drop-down box pre-filled with my regular DZs. Even if I were to WANT to add something to my regular DZs (which I absolutely do NOT want to do), there’s no way to do that.

So the method you outlined above doesn’t work. But to add to that, I can’t think of a more cumbersome way to add information to this than having to do it on a computer, through drop-down menus, etc… Just let me type it in or something, or better yet, point and click on a map.

@Josh correct, to add a dropzone to the Cloud currently you would need to recommend it and it is added internally, (this may change in the future but there are no plans to change how dropzones are added at the moment) then you can either click on a map to drop a pin or enter coordinates to add a landing area. Is there a reason why you are against adding regular dropzones to your settings?

Yes, because I don’t want to add a bunch of DZs to my settings I will never jump at again. My list is already cluttered enough and a giant pain in the ass to manage.

Also, I don’t want to go into the website and have to add a Drop zone. I should be able to do that from the device and/or manually change it in the action. It is incredibly tedious. Anything that requires me to interact with you to get it “added” is pretty a really bad way to go about design. Both for me and for you.

Finally, not all flights take off from a DZ, runway, or airport, so adding a random location as a DZ makes no sense. I have taken off from roads, empty fields, a lake, etc