No jump log in cloud / On dovice it was synced


Jump 313 was synced on device (pls see attached photos):

but in cloud last information - jump 312.

Can u fix this?

Thx. With best regards!

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I have exactly the same problem. I tried to look the answer for this from the FAQ and other forum posts without success. However, this problem is quite rare for me, it has happened only two times. But if there is any fix for this, I would like to know also. :slight_smile:

BR: Juuso

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Hey guys, check the reply on this thread :slight_smile: Sync Issues and Actions Aren't Viewable - #3 by Tracy


Thx! Fixed!

With best regards!

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An error of “invalid date” shows but nothing has fixed it. I have sent three emails with screenshots with no response since 12/September.
Please help.