New update

Been trying to update my device but it won’t stay connected to wifi long enough. I’ve tried a few different connections. When it does connect I get the following error message. Any ideas?

The wifi range seems to be short, at least it was prior to the recent big update. When connecting to wifi I usually had to put the device within a few feet of my router so it stayed connected.

Tried that. Have one of those mobile Hotspot things.

@Parachut3Panda this error message can appear for a few reasons, one of them is if you are trying to use a captive portal wifi network - these are common for guest users on dropzone/hotel/shopping centre wifi. Basically they redirect you to a webpage to log in, which is not possible on the device. Another reason could be the connection to the Dekunu server, I have sent a message to the dev team to look into this. Hopefully they will do that soon, it is a public holiday today though so it may not be until tomorrow. I will let you know when to try again.

Got it! Just had to be connected to a strong wifi network! Thank you!!

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