New DZ in the UK

Please can you create a new Drop Zone for “Skydive London - LPS” . This will be the new home for skydive London since the previous airfield was “lost”.

The DZ is in the same location as the existing Skydive South Cerney but the location of the DZ is on the opposite side of the airfield, an important change as it will be “outside the wire” of the establishment.

The GPS co-ordinates for the DZ location are 51.684975,-1.921630.

There are three landing areas; Main, Tandem and High Performance. Landing areas are in the attached image. Please note the Main landing area is marked as “STU” in the image but should be “Main” in the Dekunu database.

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I think that this was done via email, please let me know if any changes are needed :slight_smile: