New device price $420?

I see the new device went on sale today for $420? Can someone explain and how does that impact current explorer version holders who paid over $600.

Just curious.

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I paid around 440$ ex shipping (Dollar exchange rate of today) when i ordered the Explorer Edition.

But even if i paid more - to me that was more like a Kickstarter project, none of us knew if that alti would work the way it was announced…

I guess the devs needed money to create their Business (create bumpers, Hardware etc in China or somewhere else) and for sure there are some costs u can lower if u have the production process ongoing.

Im glad that i could have helped to get that thing going…

Even if the pricetag would have been higher, u definetely knew what ure goin to pay…



I paid $476 out the door, I’m not sure why you paid $600 but I’m guessing that’s from shipping. But technology always gets cheaper and that’s the price we pay for being an early adopter. If you look at it another way, we’re the first to get to use these while others had to wait.


Hey guys, apologies for the radio silence, it is early here in Australia. @tharshman in answer to your query - the price has not changed, if you notice a difference it is probably based on currency conversion/shipping - I think you may be mixing up AUD with USD too, check you invoice (I can resend if needed?)
Let me know if you have any more questions, happy to answer them :slight_smile:

Totally in agreement with @tripp9r, it’s been epic to be an early adopter and to see the development of the device over these last few months and i’m super excited to see what comes of it in the future. What people pay who get one this long after I got mine has no relevance to me…I got mine before they did, so I win :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Australian dollars. I remember seeing some correspondence to me that was quoted in AUD and therefore I saw the $6## which 450-ish range would be a litlle over $600. Thanks.


619 AUD to be precise…for 1st batch of orders, at least that’s what my invoice says. :wink:

Yeah I just checked all my old correspondence and I actually have an invoice in AUD, hence the reason I called it out as ~$600. Thanks.

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