My one keeps turning itself on?

Hello, so this has happened my last 3 jump days.

I go jump, come home, upload, charge up my One, turn it off, and store it. Several days/a week etc later, I start hearing beeping, find my one, and notice it’s on and the battery is dying.

Any experience this? Any fixes?

I have tried turning it off via the button, as well as the menu options, and it’s still happening.


What FW version are you running at the moment?
I had this once too, but since the last update its stopped.

I know the guys are close to releasing another update, they are in the middle of testing it right now.

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Bootload: 4.0.3
Main: 4.9.1
ESP: 4.0.2
ResPack: 1.1.1

Device says I’m current.

Cool, I think that was the one I was having the same issue with too.

I can say that the guys are testing the latest FW update and working out and kinks to make sure its smooth and stable before its pushed out for everyone.


Hey @meffie the issue you are having is normal for the current firmware.
Even while switched off the battery can deplete, this happens because the SD card is still using a little power and the device will also still search for GPS periodically - if it is in an area with bad GPS connectivity, the battery may drain more quickly.
When the battery reaches a certain level while switched off, it will boot up to alert you.
There are some changes planned to improve the battery performance, as Mutley said it is being tested right now but fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: we should have a public rollout very soon


Good to know., although seems very odd to me that these options operate even when the device is powered off. Over a long period this is going to kill the overall battery life.

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