My messy log book


even after the latest update the log book and syncing doesn’t appear to be reliable.

Of the 41 uploaded jumps recorded (and I’m not counting the ones that were not recorded) I have 8 jumps (20% of total) that are corrupt or not usable as seen here:

plus at least 4 that were never uploaded to the cloud. Of these 8 corrupted jumps I think 5 or 6 happened after fhe latest release.

For your reference I managed to find the action numbers: 20473, 20592, 22068, 23864, 24643, 24645, 24646, 24647. By the way, I marked all of them for review, since the first one happened, but nobody ever came back to me.

And this is how a jump looks like on the web ui:

On the altimeter I have a mix of synched/to sync statuses

on top of several different number of how many jumps the device logged: main screen shows 40 jumps, the number of the last jump is 31, the log diagnostic shows 41 and the web ui 41.

Added to this there is the frustration that I feel powerless: for instance I’d like to be able to retry or force one or more sync, to delete a bad one, maybe to edit, see or at least save the raw data so that maybe in the future I can use it. Given that there are missing jumps I can’t even know what jump corresponds to what log because I can’t add notes or jump number.

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@ColOfAbRiX We did receive the logs marked for review and I personally responded, maybe check your spam/junk folder? There was, as you know, an issue surrounding logs prior to the latest fw update but was corrected in v.3.7.2. Could you make a copy of the jump log folder and compress it then email to me so we can check it out for you?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I did miss that, I’m sorry.

I just sent you an email with a link to a ZIP file

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Thats ok, I received your email, thanks so much