My expensive paper weight won't update

I’ve got a lot of buyers remorse with this altimeter. It has failed on jumps before leaving me without an altimeter. Once even on a night jump. The battery is lucky to get half a day on it. I’ve never been able to update it and on the forums where you expect answers to be it just says that an issue gets an email response. Why can’t the solutions be common knowledge for people who buy this product? This thing is also the largest altimeter on the market by a long haul. The Wingsuit mount cost as much as an altimeter. The mounts have all ripped. The device seems to sometimes charge and other times not. It regularly freezes and sometimes won’t even turn on despite having battery.

Anyhow, feeling like I bought the fire festival of altimeters and I’ve let it collect dust for the longest time. My plan is to sell it and hopefully recoup some of my money on this. I want to update it and remove my profile from it before I sell it. I cannot figure out how to remove my profile from it, can you please explain this process? And the update continually says that the download failed for btldrfw_v11_1.unu. How can I update this device? I’d like to pass it off with at least all the known bugs squashed.

I’m sorry for my negativity. I just wanted to provide some honesty. It’s nothing personal. I know developing technology is a huge undertaking and I applaud you guys for the efforts. The product is not finished and needs a lot of work. I hope you guys make it work, but I can’t keep hanging onto this device in hopes that it will one day be a functional altimeter, and then secondly a functional smart altimeter.

The Explorer’s Edition had issues, no doubt. I’ve come back to mine after a year and it’s vastly improved.
Charge yours up, get the updates, and re-evaluate. Or just sell it to someone else. There are guides here to get around update issues, by connecting via USB to a computer.

Yes, mine was the explorer edition from the first batch they shipped out. I cannot seem to locate instructions on updating via USB. I’ve plugged it into my computer and can’t seem to figure it out. All the forums with issues that I’ve clicked through just say there was an email sent direct to the customer . Do you mind sharing where the guides for updating through USB are?

Thanks for the response, Bamwich.

Maybe @Tracy can help with this one.
Don’t give up - the data feedback is seriously much better than what you remember.

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I’m surprised no one from Dekunu is responding here to assist.

A friend sent over an email he got from them when his wouldn’t update. I was able to manually update it by moving the files into the root of the sd card.

The thing still will not stay connected to WiFi. Constantly says it has to upload jumps to the database. And very seldom does it say it has connected to GPS. Despite it is sitting next to one that has full connection to GPS. After updating it froze several times and required a reboot. I have a hard time believing that everyone else’s has this many issues if they are talking good about it. Perhaps mine is a lemon?

No, this was pretty close to my experience from years ago. I think the update fix was to delete any existing jumps on your device. You’ll lose them, but then the unit can auto-update to the newest firmware.

I appreciate you responding on here. I deleted out all the jumps from the log. The GPS seems to be hooked up and the Wifi appears to be more reliably connected. So that is major progress from where I started. However, when I hit the button to check for update, it just sits there indefinitely. Is this normal? I would have thought it would inform you that you are up to date OR if there is an update available for download.

What FW is on the device at the moment?
I may be wrong, but I think there was a past FW where there was a small bug regarding updating that has now been resolved.
@Tracy or I could see about getting a current running FW over to you and talk you through a USB mode manual update.

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Thanks for the response. It has firmware v6.1.11 on it currently.

No worries dude, want to help where I can.
v6.1.11 is the latest public FW at this moment.
there is big one being Beta tested at the moment but Im not too sure as to when this will be cleared for release as test jumping has been a little slow with the situation at the moment.

The UI is a million times more improved to what it once was, and there have been a ton of new features added.
I myself was among the first lot to order on the pre release and I can say for sure its come on in leeps and bounds since then.

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Hey Guys, @Bryan apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I am fresh out of a two week quarantine and playing catch up.
The firmware on your device is as Mutley said, extremely outdated. I will email over the current files, there have been major improvements to wifi connectivity as well as a bunch of new features.
Check your inbox in 5-10 minutes for instructions and files.

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I do appreciate the response.

I’m surprised that the files were outdated since they were sent from someone at Dekunu on June 9th of this year to a friend of mine. But anyhow, i updated the device with the new files you sent over.

It now blinks an Alert repeatedly. If i hit okay, it pops back up. It will not go away and i cant navigate between hitting okay.

Alert: Verify user error: Incorrect password, token request denied.

Alert: Verify user error: Unknown error, code 429

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Hey @Bryan I just responded to your email with some instructions, the files your friend sent to you were most likely not usable on the hardware you have (there are 3 versions of hw) or the update for some reason didn’t take. Please let me know if you continue to have any issues after following the instructions in my email

Just an update - in case anyone else is following this thread. It appears to have the update and following Tracy’s instructions I was able to clear the “verify user error”.

Now I just need to charge it and get it in the air…or sell…haven’t decided.


Brian or Tracy, please help! I am having the same issue and the only way to use my device is to shut off the network/internet.

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Hi @jumplanes it appears you have the correct firmware version on your device. I will send you an email so we can get some more info and investigate.

Sorry, wish i could be helpful. I still haven’t jumped mine since getting past all the issues i had going on with mine. I’m still not really sure if it is operational or not but it appears to be good while on the ground. I plan to sell mine but haven’t gotten around to it.

If there is any hope of it working though, I’m sure Tracy will get you squared away. She was helpful through the process.

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