My Dekunu got stolen :(

So, my Dekunu got stolen this weekend, bummed out since I had one from the very first batch :frowning: and I’ve been on this whole journey with updates and improvments.
They broke into our clubhouse, and weren’t after any skydiving gear (thank god), mostly jacked electronical devices, but of course they had to choose my locker and swiped the Dekunu (they clearly had good taste!)
Any way you guys are able to track it, if they turn it on?


Dang. That’s a serious bummer. Sorry to hear. I had thought there was a reference on the web portal included in the device; last connected, but looking now, I don’t see a location reference. Hopefully something they can turn on or share. Fingers crossed.

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If you send an email to tech support at support@dekunu.techand explain what happened.
They will be able to see the next time it is turned on and connected to a wifi, they should also be able to lock the device to prevent it from being sold on.