Multiple passes and alti failed

During this weekend I did 7 hop and pops on a canopy course. The plane did every time 2 passes to drop all of us 10 jumpers.

On one of this jumps the alti went into freefall mode and then canopy mode soon after the first pass. And while the plane was going back it declared a landing and stop displaying the altitude. At 5000ft!! During all the weejend jumps the alti failed to go back to climb mode and displayed either canopy or freefall modeafter the first pass, but this is its most significant failure. I was lucky to be part of the hop and pops and I didn’t really need an altitude reading.

As other people said, I can live with problems on logs not synching (and they still have problems) or wrong statistics. But the altitude display is a vital functionality and it must work all the times. I’m frankly really disappointed and I don’t feel I can trust the alti now so that I took out my old analog.

@ColOfAbRiX hey Fab, totally hear you, this is being looked into as an absolute priority. There is new functionality in 3.7.2 is if there is an issue it should restart and continue in the mode it was in (i.e. return to plane mode or jump mode, whichever it was in at the time). With these reports that sometimes it’s not returning to that we’re looking into possible causes in order to get a fix released asap.

Thanks Shannon. Let me know if there is anything I can do to, I’m keen to help as much as possible.

I have a log entry in the alti but I’m not sure it’s been synched. I believe it might be action #22068

Keep in mind that in my situation it didn’t reset: when the plane levels and decelaretes it looses few hundred ft of altitude and then when it accelerates again for the second pass, without climbing, the alti switches to freefall mode. On that particular occasion it switched first to freefall, few seconds later to canopy and then again to landed mode.

Thanks Fab, will let you know when we have more info, or if there is anything we need from you.