Multiple languages

I was checking the roadmap you published on Dekunu Cloud and I saw the multiple languages feature.

If you like, I’m happy to work on the Italian translation as I’m an Italian native speaker with 5+ years living in UK.

Let me know, it would be nice to participate more actively :smiley:


Ciao Fabrizio,

great proposal! I am also Italian, but born in Germany and therefore my Italian is “sufficient”, but not bulletproof. :blush:
Therefore I would offer a translation to German, if desired.


Yeah, but you first have to land from the jump of yesterday :rofl:


Thanks @Agostino and @ColOfAbRiX - super great offers - noted down, so when we come to work on this more we will be in touch :slight_smile:

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Hello Shannon,

If you need, can I do the translation in French or check the correct translation if it is already done?

Thank you

Dimitri:des lunettes de soleil:

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Awesome, thanks @Gripthewind - noted

Hi Dekunu, available for Portuguese translation with pleasure!

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Thanks @Germanoesilva I will make a note of that offer :slight_smile:

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You can count on my for spanish translation.

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