Multiple issues with logs

My biggest issue so far is from a while ago. I have about 100 copies of the same jump logged in the cloud portal. I have marked many of them for review but nothing ever seems to be taken care of.

And the 3 most recent from the last couple weeks are:
Logs showing as synced on alti but are not in the cloud portal.
Logs showing as not synced on alti but are in the cloud portal.
And something happened while walking to the plane and the device logged me out and had me listed as a guest for a jump. Well now that jump has cause the jump number to go out of order because that one is listed as jump # 1 and the others incremented around it.

And I tried to set a target for accuracy but that doesn’t seem to be working now either.

Hey @Joe apologies I will have this looked into for you, all of the duplicates were supposed to have been deleted by the developers a few weeks ago, perhaps they missed yours in error.
Can you please send an email through to with a .zip copy of your jump log folder? I can check on the logs you say aren’t synced.
As for the device showing synced/unsynced incorrectly, we are aware of this issue and it will be corrected with the new fw.
Let me know in your email which DZ you jump at and where the landing areas are so I can set the target for you of you like :slight_smile:

Well it’s been a couple months and my duplicates have yet to be deleted.

I also marked another jump for review today which seems to have 9k-10k ft missing from what got logged to the cloud portal.

@Tracy any update on this?

Hi @Joe apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
I will send a message to the tech team to check it out. I definitely had your logs in the list to be deleted, maybe I missed some of them - i’ll let you know once they have been removed.

@Tracy Thank You. The date with the multiple copies of the same jump is 4/21 @ 3:05 and theres probably around 90 copies of the same jump

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Perfect, thanks for pinpointing them for me, I have sent another request through to have them removed for you