Multiple issues at once

Before going to the DZ, I turned on my Dekunu to make sure it was charged. I was, so I turned it back off. Upon arriving at the DZ yesterday morning, I turned it on only to discover that it was then at 54%. (no, it was not left on from the previous check - I am positive of this)

I made a jump, and then plugged it in to charge while packing. Upon retrieving it, I noticed that it had not uploaded the data. No big deal, it will do that later. Made another jump and after it was warning me about the user needing switched. I tried re-entering my pass code, but it was having none of that and would not connect. No problem, I’ll sync once I get home at night.

A few more jumps later, it was not giving any speed or direction data on the ride up. It did this again on another jump later in the day. Upon getting home at night, it finally synced, but now it has also messed up my jump numbers. ( which is another issue, altogether )

Is there anything I can check or do to correct or prevent this from happening?

Hi @wjr there are some major battery improvements in the firmware that just launched, connecting to wifi and updating should help with any related issues.
The warning for needing to switch user is odd, if this happens again please email so that we can look into it for you.

The problem with no speeds and directions in Plane Mode is most likely the result of poor GPS in the plane, if you sit behind the pilot or under a wing for example there could be obstructions preventing a connection, you can resolve this by experimenting with where you sit in the plane, or hold your device up next to a window or door to get a clear line to satellites - I assume that this did not occur on all of your jumps, maybe try to get into the good spots in the plane next time :wink: GPS will reconnect as soon as the obstructions are removed, usually on exit in these circumstances.

I just responded to your post about jump numbers, if you keep having issues it is probably best to email so that we can collect logs and get some answers for you :slight_smile: