More data units

So after jumping it finally, I love it. All of the info seems spot on for plane mode, aside from a 9/10 degree difference in headings when compared to the plane GPS.

I don’t know if it’s been suggested yet, but being able to specify the unit of measurement for distance from DZ into a separate unit would be great. Its great to know how far away we are, but we work off a spot in nautical miles, not feet, so if there could be an option somewhere to set that to more relevant units that would be epic.

Hi there, thanks for the suggestion.
Just to confirm, you meant to have configurable option in the units selection screens (device and portal)?

Are you looking for ft/mtr, km/ml, nautical?


Yeah, wherever is easiest I guess? It wouldn’t matter to me where I got to select it…but some people might like both.

We use nautical for our DZ, so that would be good for us, but I can’t say what other DZs use, is it hard to implement each of the units you mentioned?

The resolutions wouldn’t have to be that specific either I think, to one decimal place would be more than enough (like .1, 1.2 etc)

@joedyson Nautical is on the Roadmap and should be available in one of the next fw updates :smile: