Missing Log Entries

I am missing 2 logs from Sunday. Is there any way to fix this? It was from a swoop course, so I’d really like to be able to review these.

I’ve had the same with mine, @Tracy is looking into it now.
It’s showing on unit as uploaded, but not showing on the cloud, but the jump count is correct


Same here… happens so frequently that honestly… I stopped caring about it.

I’m just waiting for Dekunu to enable re-uploads or something like that.

And yes, Tracy is very helpful in these situations, but I’d rather have the option to fix this myself instead of putting her to work for some simple log uploads :slight_smile:


This is actually an issue at our end, it should be fixed this week. @PeterMuusers Your logs have uploaded to the server, they are just not showing on your profile, we are on the case :facepunch:


You’re awesome as always Tracy! :wink: (as are the devs, do they know?)


@PeterMuusers haha I let them know every now and again :wink:

Awesome news! :blue_heart:

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