Missing jumps

My last 3 jumps do not appear My Actions, my device has synched all my jumps for 9/17 and 9/18 but I cannot view them on the website.
Thank you

My Dekunu one is capturing information that is not transferring to the cloud. It shows the jump numbers but none of the information or the flight path such as a fly sight. An error of “invalid date” shows but nothing has fixed it. I have sent three emails with screenshots with no response since 12/September.
Please help.

I’m having the same issue with all the actions from this month… 20+ jumps and they don’t show up in my actions… I can “see” them in my logbook, but the data there is meaningless… There is an issue bigger than just their server move… @Tracy can we get some help on fixing this issue? And an explanation?

Hi Guys,
I have been informed that at this moment in time, the Data Base is getting a little upgrade.
This has resulted in a temporary hold on new uploads.
Don’t worry, All uploads are safe and will eventually be available for viewing once the upgrade has been completed.

Right now, I couldn’t give a rough time scale though. (sorry)

What is extremely disappointing is that none of the tech staff has reached out? A kind reply would alleviate some of the dissapointment. To date, it has been nine days since the first request with ZERO responses.

I subscribe to this issue with about inaccessible 7 jumps…

I am having the same issues with my jumps not syncing. Following to see if they answer

Hi all,
I have just posted an update on anther thread.

My missing jumps have appeared.
Thank you

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My missing jumps have appeared. Thank you!

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All of my jumps and the amazing graphics that came with them have appeared. Thank you.

What did you do to solve the issue???