Missing jump settings: amount of jumpers, select pre stored planes

Hello I’ve used the device for the first time yesterday and I have a couple of question recommendations to make about some features that are missing in my opinion.

Having the device counting the jumps for us is clearly useful however I can’t set the amount of jumpers I’m in the jump with. I always have to connect using the web app to add this information as a note.

An other point is that even when we jump from the same DZ using the same plane, we have to set it manually for every jump again one by one.

In the web app we should be able to add a dynamic parameter that would be available for every jump and appear as a new column in the PDF once we export it.

That is unfortunate that having to fill these details manually and not having the option to set them before jumping directly on the device takes as much time as writing the whole jump in a logbook or even more. Can you please add these information directly on the device for a future firmware update?

Hi @didiercapozzi thanks for your suggestions, they have been added to the list for consideration for future development. The Cloud logbook feature is very new and basic at the moment but development is constantly underway. There is a Bulk Update feature so that you can add the DZ, Landing Area, Plane etc. to your actions once they have synced to the portal, there is more info here if needed :slight_smile:

Can you add “Default Equipment” to the list above Tracy.

Would be really benefitial to be able to set a default in the cloud and then only need to change it when using a different rig.

@Patch I believe this is on the list already and should be implemented in one of the next rollouts :ok_hand: