Missing Jump on Cloud and Differences between Dekuno and Cloud

Hi Guys,

Ialso have have 2 bugs:
A- 2 Actions were synchronised but only one is viewable. In the Item you can see the icloud No.

B- There are difference in the exit high between Dekuno and Cloud data

Thank’s & thank you Dekunu

@Kai I have reprocessed the action that was missing and it is now showing up for you :slight_smile:

Hi Tracy, hope you’re fine.
I’m missing again one jump, it is No. 213 date of jump was 07-sep. 2022. Please reproduce this action.
Thx :pray:

Hi Tracy, I also have an synced jump ( ID#506618) were there are different exit high and freefall time data between the Dekuno and Cloud.

Is there a way for us to reprocess the action or force a resync or is that only doable from your end?

Good morning. I am missing jumps 207/&/209. Please populate them. Also canopy deployment of device is different from information in the cloud.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Tracy!

Can u resolve problem with missed jumps: 407/408/409/411, they marked on device like synced.


Hi Tracy
My display has cracked, is there a replacement display and can I replace it myself?
Therefore, it is difficult to operate the menu navigation

Hi Guys

I have the same issue few jumps appear in Device but do not appear in the cloud


Hey guys, all mentioned actions have been reprocessed, if any were missed please let me know the action ID (can be found on your device) - this will save a heap of time hunting down the correct files :slight_smile:

Hi Tracy,

  1. Most of my jumps are sync alright except for one missing jump. Data on Altimeter but missing on cloud.

Cloud ID #568029, Jump on 02 March 2023 and Sync on 03 March 2023.

  1. Also realised that we jump number (not Cloud ID#) on my altimeter are different from those in Cloud. IS there any way to change it. Rather than 1 by 1, I change in cloud.