Missing horizontal until sync, and some other minor things

A few issues here, nothing really that big of a deal but just some oddities with syncing and the data showing up.

I’m not getting any horizontal data on the Dekunu, it just shows an up arrow icon. However, for the jumps that have synced they all show horizonal data. While messing around with my Dekunu this morning one of my jumps synced and only after syncing does the Dekunu now show horizontal. The screenshots on top were taken before it synced, the shots below are after:

Then the next issue is that neither of the horizontal / vertical speeds seem accurate. Many seem way off, either much too fast or much too slow. I’m thinking freefall maximum is probably so fast because it’s including horizontal “throw” after exiting the plane, but just a guess. I don’t know why the verticals are so far off though, and in the cloud portal its the opposite with showing 493mph as my maximum vertical.

Again, nothing major and for all I know this might be resolved in an upcoming update. But I didn’t see anyone mention the missing verticals so thought I’d show some screens.

I had this with my jumps showing a very fast vertical speed, I’ve been informed that the barometer sensitivity is a little too high and they are trying to work on it at the moment.

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I had this too. I had assumed maybe they did some post processing on the data in the cloud before updating on the device?