MINOR ISSUE: Hard to enter complex wireless password : SOLVED

Found it really hard to enter a complex wireless password for connecting to the local network. I usually ended up touching the wrong letter and having to keep deleting extra characters.

SOLUTION: Grab the tie wrap that goes around that cool looking USB cable. Bend it in half and you now have a much more precise tool (unless you have skeleton fingers) to continue entering passwords and setting up the device.
Even a pen would work - the screen isn’t like a smart phone, I just wanted something that wouldn’t scratch!

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Great idea @SkydiveNow! We tried to avoid keyboard usage as much as possible. Unfortunately, adding wifi is one of the necessary tasks. Once done, you won’t need to do it again. Love the plastic wrap stylus idea :slight_smile:

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HI Brent,

I see when reconnecting to wifi, the password previously entered is not hashed… Not a biggie but for security reasons would be an idea…

Add this as feature request pls :slight_smile:

will add it to the list

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