Max fallrate and vertical speed

I have noticed on most of my jumps, my max fallrate is 200-300mph I am a belly flier and wear a pretty big jumpsuit that is intended to keep me slow. Most of the other settings seems to be close to correct but I know I am not falling 275mph lol also the max vertical speed under canopy is above 100-200mph. Is this something that I should be concerned with or is it in the pot to get fixed?

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200mph under canopy

Or you’re a great swooper or you have a powerful jet engine with you.

What’s your secret?


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Same here, getting all sorts of bogus numbers:
400mph freefall speeds
5min jumps
80ft deployment altitudes


Albeit I haven’t jumped it a whole lot of times.

That said, the jump profiles (graphics) are spot on, so the right data is there. I guess it’s just an awry conversion algorithm.

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From posts the team have made about the cloud data, it’s pretty high on the list to sort out their data algorithms.

Indeed it is @joedyson :slight_smile: The devs are working on refining all the metric formulas. They let us know they experiment with different calculations in different areas of the portal, some results may differ accordingly.

The Cloud is in beta and has some room for improvement, but expect to see some pretty awesome things in the near future!

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