Manual for Download

I want a PDF copy of the Dekunu manual so I can keep it with me on my devices. Please tell me there is one available somewhere…

Online documentation is here >

I know it’s not a direct solution since you asked for a .pdf, but just so some work can begin, you’d like each help element from there available? Or were there specific parts of the manual you’d like to have handy?

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Thanks but I need a PDF copy so that I can have access to it when offline… I’ve never had any other product that didn’t offer such a manual.

Hey Tony, with the ever-changing firmware revisions, we can’t have an “uncontrolled” (non-updateable by us) copy of a manual floating around in cyberspace, can you shoot an email to and we will sort something out for you.

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In Germany we use the printed manual as filling… with a lot of pages your dekunu can’t bounce in the box…:joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

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I’ll try that. thanks. I keep manuals for electronics, like my GoPro, saved on my devices for a quick lookup. Often, I’m in areas where internet is spotty.


Hey guys, @TonyE I just responded to your email, thank you. For clarification to anyone else looking for a hard copy of the device manual, we do not have a pdf version purely because with every update there are multiple changes to the device and cloud. If you would like to see the knowledge base offline there are ways of saving it to your device, just be sure to keep checking for changes so you always have the most recent info. There is some useful info on this website and of course you will find the Dekunu Knowledge Base here

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