Magnetic charging cable instead of current one

Instead of the cable that comes with the alti now, I suggest a magnetic charging cable, such as a Netdot 3 magnetic cable. By keeping the male connector portion plugged into the charging port, you could reduce/eliminate the instances of the female connector getting misaligned inside the case. It would also reduce wear and tear on the female connector inside the alti from repeated plugging in and unplugging of the charging cable. As an added bonus, keeping the male portion plugged in, you reduce dust/dirt build up inside the female connector. I have already given this a go using a standard iPhone charger and it works beautifully.

An added bonus would be not having to remove the alti from the bumper case to charge it which might also eliminate some of the power button coming out issues.


Oooooh… added to feature requests! Good one @Misfit

I just received a 3 pack of these and it looks like a great solution! I haven’t yet jumped with it, but I don’t think the male plug will fall out, (my initial concern - why I bought the 3 pack lol). The magnet is very sticky! It also seems like it might keep the case around the cutout from moving around too much, so hopefully mine won’t tear from where I did a bad razor cut.


I’ve already jumped with it a few times with the magnetic male plug inserted. No problem at all.


Hey would you send a link to that? And does the connection stay seated right with the case?

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This is what I bought and am still using with no problems, but see the note below:

I edited my post because while this cable has worked great for me, some of the latest reviews people are mentioning the tips are breaking off inside their phones. That would suck with a phone, that would really suck if it broke inside the Dekunu charger! So maybe they changed the manufacturing process and the newer cables have a defect?

Anyway, I still had to cut the holes on the case for the power button and charging port, but the plug makes charging a lot easier. Here’s what mine looks like…I didn’t do the best job with the razor but it’s held up.

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Hey @Nailhead I notice you’re missing a power button… I will get a newer, stronger replacement out in the mail to you, has your address changed at all since ordering your device?

Thanks but I think it’s just the angle of the photo and I’ve cut the opening a little larger to make pressing it with gloves on easier. Just double checked and the button is still there, but thanks for the awesome customer service!

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Hey Misfit, what is the make and model you got? It looks like you didn’t need to cut a hole for it to sit in properly. Is it fully in or does the case stop it fitting fully in?

I did have to cut the case a little to get it to fit.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I ended up ordering this adapter and tip so I can keep the short cable. I’ll let you all know how I get on when it arrives and attach some pictures (may take a while to arrive from China).

Micro USB Magnetic Adapter from EBay

I have been using the magnetic cable charger for awhile now and it works great. I did not have to cut the case. I removed unit from case installed the charger and slid back in case. Now that is partially covered by the case. When I want to charge i just slide the case around the magnetic base and connect the charge cable. I have a 40 minute ride to DZ so I always plug it in on the ride there just to make sure I am ready to go once I get there. Works great.

Sounds good. Any chance of some pictures of that in action? Case on, case slid around for charging etc? :slight_smile:

Just got my magnetic USB connectors. Managed to get in in the case without any case modification, just stretched it around the connector and there is enough exposed on the top for the adapter to connect against. Very pleased :slight_smile: