Low power mode

The other day I was on a load and my altimeter went into “low battery mode” where it said “now essential (sic) components disabled”. This resulted in my altimeter not displaying the correct altitude for the entire flight and skydive. It kept jumping around by 5 to 50 feet in either direction with the altitude staying between 1200 and 1700 feet and then back down to around 1200 feet (the altitude actually trended up slightly and then back down). I took video of it, but I can’t seem to upload it to this post, so screenshots will have to suffice. It’s scary to think that someone could end up with an AAD fire because their altimeter was lying to them had this happened just before exit or in freefall. It would have better if it just stopped working instead of showing the wrong altitude. I guess the altimeter component is considered “now essential” lol

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@jphart03 thanks for reporting, if you can upload a copy of your device system logs that would be super helpful, also emailing support@dekunu.tech with the video would be great, once we have the logs I will have this investigated and will get back to you.

Thinking out loud here…

I don’t think I’d have jumped with the alti if my battery was reporting as low as yours is; or are you saying the battery level on the flight line was fine and it suddenly went low once on the plane?

I think I’d also be picking up that “something” was wrong with my alti long before the 750ft your Cypress would be firing at :smiley:

If you notice in the screenshot, the battery level was only showing yellow, not red, which in my experience at least lasts for one jump. Also, it was fine on the ground as I got on the plane. It went into low power mode at some point mid-flight. It also didn’t make a bunch of warning beeps like it normally does when the battery gets low.

Also, to be clear, I had another altimeter on my right arm because I was doing an AFF-I practice evaluation jump. I’m just saying it is better for an altimeter to turn off completely than display incorrect altitudes, especially if someone with little experience might be relying on it.

Interesting, I wonder what the thresholds for the battery % is on each colour band; I’ve only ever had the % showing.

You’d certainly hope for some kind of audible alert if it was going into a low power mode!

I think I agree with the “complications” of when equipment is behaving strangely; my assumption is that it would do things like switch off GPS, WiFi and anything else that wasn’t essentially the alti - looks like maybe a bit of a bug going on!

@jphart03 I have the devs on standby to investigate this, could you upload your system logs when you get a chance please? I will email you so we have a direct line of comms in case we need any more information

I just uploaded the system logs for your team to review.

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