Lots of very minor issues

Very minor issues, but worth adding as most are very easy to change.

Dashboard -> Recent Actions
The data being passed to the GPS % signal isn’t a recognised number (indicated by NaN)

Spelling mistake during switch user.
spelling mistake “Updateing preferences…” shown

Medical staff might not know what format the DOB on Emergency Info is formatted as.
Suggest you add context to the right (YYYY/DD/MM) to match as it is shown.

Device logs are not using the correct timestamp for the users’ location.
The device appears to be using the time zone for the manufacturers’ location rather than for where the user actually is. In my case (UK) it’s 9:00am and showing I’ve done two jumps on the 30th Nov at the top of the stack, and then the 5 jumps I did yesterday as having been done today.
See video file; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN6C3rzddkg

List of dropzones doesn’t match the ones I have in my Dekunu Cloud.
There are a lot of (I’m assuming locations commonly used for testing the device during prototype) unwanted DZ in the list when selecting "Change Dropzone"
I’m unable to delete or modify the list.
I know others have mentioned similar things, but I don’t know if this is being corrected as a general firmware update, or if it needs to be addressed on an individual basis. Can you advise?

Weather (source location) isn’t matched to the DZ I am at. The weather info is being pulled from a location that is some considerable distance from any DZ.
Again, I know others have this issue, but could you let us know if it’s a general firmware update or an individual fix - and also if you need us to provide GPS co-ordinates for other DZ in the country.


HI @SkydiveNow, concerning 6:

Once the GPS coordinated for my Home DZ were adjusted the correct city for the weather was shown. I would bet Team ONE does not use the correct GPS data for your DZ. You should upload them, so they can modify their database. I I am right this will lead to the correct city in your weather screen. At least this was the same with the weather shown for my home DZ. Give it a try.

@Agostino Where are you uploading GPS co-ordinates for the DZ.
Is it somewhere in the dekunu cloud section?

Here you can post it:

Hey SkydiveNow,

Thank you very much for this great feedback.

  1. We’re aware of this issue, it’s in our work queue.
  2. I’d noticed that as well! We’ll add a task to fix.
  3. Nice one, this is a good point. Probably a date format like XX Month YYYY would be more universal.
  4. I’d noticed that one as well, we’re currently doing a fair amount of work on the log book function that will be coming in a release shortly (sorry, no specific timing) that I expect will address this problem.
  5. We have a task currently in progress to address this issue (I’d seen it as well). It’ll be corrected with a firmware update.
  6. Thanks for the heads up on this one, I believe that we’ll need to investigate this further as I’m not sure if this is a firmware update or some other issue (such as, GPS co-ords for the DZ aren’t correct or, there’s some other problem there).

Thank you again for this great feedback, it really is appreciated.