Lots of bugs

12 jumps on my new Dekunu One

  1. 1st & 7th jumps Freefall recorded at 10s only (from 15k), missing data for the rest of both jumps.
  2. Jumps 7 - 12 won’t sync
  3. FW at 4.91 and won’t update, stuck in ‘Checking For Updates’
  4. GPS reception intermittent in plane.
  5. Screen quite dim and difficult to read under canopy
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Hey Seb,
I think we covered everything in our email thread, please let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Hey Tracy

Unfortunately not, hence the post.

However, since posting this I have managed to force it into a FW update by logging out and in again on my home network.

The logs have now all synced. The 1st jump in the log is recorded on the cloud dashboard but with no information. The map is centred about 750km east of Bairiki in the Marshal Islands. Not an entirely unpleasant location other than being in the middle of nowhere in over 5000m of water. :sweat_smile:

The information does seem to be recorded on the wrist unit, so I’m wondering if there’s a way to re-sync the log and see if it captures the first jump properly?

Number 7 is now showing correct.

As for the intermittent GPS, as long as it records the jump run in the door, it’s probably not a problem for now. Does the receiver only track GPS sats. or can it track GLONASS and Galileo as well?

Can the screen brightness be changed? I can’t find any instructions on how to do it.